Nous Tous in Nowns

Sound art reviews
By Beatrix Mirror


“Nous tous”. As he to stand. No doubt, the biennale, strictly speaking and handicaped. Complexity, as art in the art scene is the most spectacular, believe me, the word sprouting as in Vierge sur Mer, the word, the word SPECTACULAR. Couldn´t she stop not stopping to the grounds? Magnitude is fine to say. Try it your self: mag-ni-tude. Seduce active viewers while roles roll, roll challenge missions as pissing out of scene. He values ART CONTEMPT. The event radars: You are in active CONTEXT, IMPACT, MARTKET. (You can bridge the meaning, not the words).

First thing in Lions: booming sails, smiling horizons. Inauguration stays behind. We howl, everyday howls. (Thow not to be heard). So slye to splash in world wide forum, global turned global, globally turned totally as you You Your Self in salon. We are so much of us deciding dangerously at the very edge. Now we know. Criticisms left behind, Don’t harm what you enjoy, munching what was left on shore (To her self). Last edition: careful, fiasco. Expected, sherry in balloons (others) no floating, floating, floating. No. So hapa-hapa, no hits. I crave for magic in a Biennale. Si amiable, AMARAIABLE scale longing to see signs, one of the most popular PLUS curatorial heads/leads betting trials and vice versa opening right now a non stop spot as I’m guarantee.

Mac Lyon was dreaming her laziness-ess in hands. Handed to How I love La Sucriere (in french) as Eye starve for methaphore, capital flux informing new traditions AVOID. Nevertheless this No Wonder energy drives names, i.e. fresh impetus to their ends. And errands get fastened by square meanings in block letters. As to poetry, Carver, see? Now you can follow: go ahead. Now! See? Transverse flow blows blending positive as the two mighty give chance to inspiration. It´s so o so inspiring! We merge as in hole (all senses included). Reflechir: le sol de notre reflexion: montréz la bourse, chercher l´ocasion. Reflechir: tous allons. WRITE NAMES HERE. (Blank space).

Nation in mind. Night in nation. Asking.

Plunder the plot he recognized. He recognized so pleasantly in how I know, I know no objection sauve recognition is twice in thoughts: goes straight to the grounds. (She is argueing as if taking notice and sharing or money laundering. No grounds but the brands. No action but this brandishing.

Archives are indexed. Items are torned out. If you snout, you check. You check it. It may crumble, but never even think it´s else. Else is not You or I. You just pull a name. You stand.

Logically we understand ourselves in others habitually; never-the-less growth follows as sentences show up soon to say: in advancement of art is crucial our art critique (its development, la deroule so to speak). Insights arse a howl.

EB. 1-4-22