Verbal Action Violent Action

He who does not fear deeds, is not afraid of words.
Sófocles. Oedipus Rex.

Since the longing for violence is not represented in isolation, AVAV gathers headings it comes across more or less haphazardly. It kidnaps them before releasing them re-written. It publishes them again anonymously, altered. In doing so they become not estranged but closer to its source, more faithful to its truth: that longing for violence that beats at the heart of those of us craving for, and wielding, power.

AVAV deals with words with rough typographical thumpings, relishing what is otherwise known as ‘typographical hammerings’. If we say rather glibly that words lie, we can also, following Max Harkheimer, atest to the reality that facts are no different.

Since violence is specular, AVAV expresses God’s perfect symmetry in its anagram


The sum of the individuals that come to form AVAV unravels as an inorganic compound which only exists in and through action.

VAVA. Go back to AfricaVAVA. Go back to Africa ·  1/6. 2016


VAVA. It was entirely our decisionVAVA. Go back to Africa ·  1/5. 2016


strengthen and expand...

VAVA. Strengthen and expand until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes ·  1/5. 2017


The oath...

VAVA. The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all americans ·  1/6. 2017


People will have to move...

VAVA. People will have to move. There is no other option  ·  1/6. 2017



VAVA. I am not sure that anybody is in control at the moment · 1/8. 2017


Return to the rule of law

VAVA. Return to the rule of law · 1/4. 2018


They Simply Invaded It

VAVA. They simply invaded it · 2018

We are watching we will come after you

VAVA. We are watching we will come after you · 2019


If the economic agenda...VAVA. If the economic agenda is successfull these wounds from the corruption issue would be less relevant · 2019


VAVA. A little bit of pain but it ‘s going to be for the future of our country · 2019


There are a lot of motives going on trying to smear people so i wouldn’t say that I no regret it · 2019